1.)    Customer pre-purchased material- When a request is made to install hardware or program vehicle parts or other vehicle parts

it is the requestor’s responsibility to validate the application correctness. All warranty issues are the requestor’s responsibility

to resolve from the purchase source. Shop labor/programming fees will be paid before work commences.


2.)    Emergency service request- You are asking for immediate service because “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE”. You will be asked for a credit card number to guarantee payment.

This request can be cancelled only before the case information and the credit card information are collected. The clock can not be wound backwards once actions are taken to dispatch.

Be prepared to present a State or Federal ID with picture when we arrive on site.

If you are allowing your phone or credit information to be accessed by others then you the owner are responsible.

All cases are governed by the rules of the State of Ohio-Huron County.

3.)    Quotes and estimates- Requests for estimates over the phone will have no cost attached to them.

 Assumptions will be made that all doors and frames are new or in “like new” conditions regarding

 being square, plumb and level and no binding present. Vehicles will be assumed to be in a factory installed

and dealer prepared state of sales worthiness.  Any requests for exacting work quotes outside of these parameters will

be subject to a special onsite inspection fee.