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In 2011, Ohio joined 34 other states in adopting the International Fire Code(IFC) and International Building Code(IBC)- 2009 version. In the IFC (703.1.3) the requirement was created for the inspection of fire door and paths of egress as outlined by the National Fire Protection Agency in the document known as " NFPA 80- Standard for Fire Doors and other Opening Protectives." This Standard establishes the requirement for yearly inspection of door openings and paths of egress. [This requirement of maintaining fire doors has existed since 1956.] Building owners were given two years to bring facilities into compliance. In December of 2013, Ron was certified by two different organizations as a "Certified Fire Door Inspector."

When do inspections need to be made?

A.)Yearly as outlined by NFPA80  B.)When changes are made to the door opening or components that are part of the entire door opening C.)When additions to or removal of door openings are made that are not inspected by an "Authority Having Jurisdiction" (AHJ). In serious building conditions, a  manned 24 hour fire watch may be instituted until safe conditions are restored. A fire door inspector is often consulted as to the fire worthiness or exit capability of an opening and his inspections results would affect repair or replacement. Other considerations can be pressurization of rooms to confine contamination yet not interfere with fire requirements.

Please call to A.) setup a certification program for your facility B.)Research your necessary documents C.)institute staff training programs. 


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