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Key Control

Key control is more than numbered keys in a box! Key control means preventing unauthorized duplication of keys, and a management system to limit risk. Whether you have a few doors or a few thousand doors, we can design a scalable system that won't become obsolete.

Key Control

Prevent Unauthorized Key Duplication

Common Keys can be duplicated easily.  Patent Protected keys can't.  We have multiple options. Common keys can be duplicated in over 50,000 locksmith, hardware stores, mass merchants, big box and specialty retailers.  Patented Keys can't.

A key control systems includes a process to issue keys, policies, procedures for auditing and for the return of keys by departing personnel.  You can limit risk by identifying each key holder, and each door lock that key will operate.  We have the ability to help you define your policies and manage your lock and key system. To date we have stopped 5 unauthorized attempts to duplicate keys. One of those cases proceeded to a successful prosecution.[ref: Norwalk Municipal Court- Case #CRB 9702302  ORC Sec.2913.02A1 Theft] The defendant plead guilty as charged! In other cases keys were recovered or the system updated. When your business is your livelihood, how important is it to have someone watching out for you?  If you are an existing or new customer please fill out the key authorization form  below so that we are current as to who is authorized to order new keys!

Key Authorization Form


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